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Why Lazar Angelov‬‏?

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May 9, 2017
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May 9, 2017
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Reasons why Lazar Angelov is considered to be people’s choice from lots of physique models.

Nowadays, the trend of physique and fitness modeling is booming. Every now and then we see a fan page for various people calling themselves fitness models or whatsoever. They all have what it takes physically, but none of them had merely came near to the popularity of this guy Lazar Angelov. What is different about this guy that makes him top of the fitness models?

Let’s first have a quick look or “maybe a little gaze” on who is Lazar Angelov.

Lazar Angelov is a Bulgarian young man who started as a professional basketball player for 10 consecutive years.  At the age of 18 he joined the Bulgarian army, where he finally met his destiny. He was first introduced to bodybuilding when he joined the army; from that time he knew that he will not be able to live without it. It became his passion. After that he decided to get certified from the national sports academy to be a personal trainer and help people achieve their goals. Nowadays as a fitness model, he has filmed a lot of motivational videos through YouTube, and all his social media pages are filled with inspirational photos and videos doing his best in spreading motivation, which are an inspiration to millions of people around the world.

Now let’s take a look on the reasons which make Lazar Angelov one of a kind and totally unique.

1) Masculine Looks


When you hear the name Lazar, the first things that come to your mind directly is the sharp beard, the defined solid looking muscles, and the wild look, which make a man want to look like him and a woman go wild and crazy. So he knows exactly how to impress both genders without even saying one single word. Just a sharp of these looks and you will be charmed either way.

2) Social Media Smartness

A lot can argue with me saying that there are a lot of professional fitness models who look better than Lazar and much more muscular and defined. Lazar is where he is because of his smartness in using social media which adds a lot to himself, not just random numerous posts per day but just a few ones maybe 3 or 4 posts. The secret here lies in the quality of these posts and his posting consistency on a daily basis. His photos and videos are straight to the point and motivational as hell. As I told before he uses his social media pages for posting his motivational videos and photos and to pass it to his fans directly.

3) Electrifying


Try searching for any video or an event and watch Lazar’s appearance and see how electrifying he is and how he makes his audience jump out of their chairs. Focus on how dynamic he is in his looks and how by the smallest step he makes the audience goes crazy not as any regular bodybuilder who just goes on stage and hits the same posing routine he performs every time. GUYS… this man is totally different.

4) When to Show up and When Not to


Lazar’s pics and videos are not posted randomly. On the contrary he knows exactly how and when he is ready enough to show up in front of the camera. He knows when he is ready physically, that is, “shredded enough and ripped,” to pose, when to have a nice tank top on, when to get in a shirt or a sweatshirt, and hide whether he is injured or in his off season. Not as other bodybuilders, that’s him being smart.

5) In-between


Almost all bodybuilders keep on criticizing fitness models by calling them “small folks” or something. Lazar among fitness models has a great strength point at which he is not that skinny as if his last meal was 9 months ago absolutely not. He packs lots of muscles and is also not “bodybuilder” big that he can’t fit into jeans as some folks find bodybuilders to be tremendously big in a freakish way. With all due respect to bodybuilders, not every regular person appreciates muscles.

6) The Way He Dresses


Lots of gym freaks focus only on their bodies and don’t give a damn about what they are wearing, totally forgetting that they are exposed to cameras and press. However Lazar knows exactly what to wear and when to wear it. In other words Lazar is one of the few who knows to both “dress to impress” and “undress to impress.” Also he is picky with the brands he wears and not just random outfits only specific brands.

7) Keeping on a Low Profile


As all celebs and hall of famers do, he has a limited appearance. That’s to say he doesn’t keep going through interviews and TV shows. He just knows exactly when to show up and how exactly should he show up as to not risk his popularity. He knows how to always stay “people’s choice” without getting buzzed by paparazzi and press all the time. Again his social media smartness made him famous by his own way, without any need for the old fashion interviews, journals, and magazines.

8) Money Comes Last

Not like any random public figure who only looks for money, Lazar is well known for being also picky in which shows or occasions to attend and which not to. If the cause of the event doesn’t suit him well or he sees a small risk that might affect him or his reputation negatively, it’s a big NO. He is a man who knows how to market himself very well and not to make himself ever show up in a cheap way.

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