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Super Foods for Gymaholics

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May 7, 2017
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May 8, 2017
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Food That You Can Find in Any Gym Freaks’ Fridge

You can never predict what’s in your friends or even relatives’ fridge. What exactly do they have inside? You would never know. But trust me a gym freak whether a bodybuilder, fitness models, or a power lifters fridge can be easily predictable with some common food. You would never see a fridge owned by any of them which lacks some sort of food, veggies, or even some products.

Now let’s discuss first what are the nutritional facts that gym rats and bunnies are concerned with and why?!

Protein is the most important component of all body tissues and is required for any kind of tissue rebuild and repair. Proteins are major components also of hormones and enzymes.


Carbohydrates as in starch and sugar are the most reliable energy source; all carbohydrates are broken to glucose a more simple form for use as the primary energy source. Glucose is stored in the liver and muscle tissue as glycogen. Carbohydrates are necessary to maintain muscle glycogen, the fuel for almost all types of exercise.

Fats are the only source of linoleic, a fatty acid which is responsible for growth and skin care. Fat also protects the organs against trauma and cold temperature and is responsible for the absorption of some vitamins.

Vitamins act as regulators for energy production and maintenance. Each of the 13 vitamins has a specific function inside the body and has some special functions related to other nutrients.

Minerals do a lot of functions in the body. Some are responsible for building bones and teeth. Others are components of hormones. Iron for instance is responsible for the formation of hemoglobin.

Let’s take a look on what exactly can the previously mentioned have in common in their fridge.

1) Chicken Breasts


When it comes to chicken breasts it can be a gym freak’s number 1 choice to get his protein intake. Due to being one of the most lean protein sources that doesn’t have a lot of fats in it, unlike steak and chicken legs, any fit person knows how beneficial chicken breast for him or her can be.

2) More and More Tuna

Tuna for sure for its high protein and omega oils and due to how easy it can be prepared or even stored doesn’t require any kind of cold environment as a fridge or something, just a shelf, and can be easily taken anywhere you go.

3) Brown Toast

As for carbs, gym maniacs always go for carbs with low calories. What can be low in calories more than brown toast? Low in calories, easy to get, and somehow tastes better more than other carbs sources and doesn’t cause any kind of bloating.

4) Whole Grain Bread


Whole grain bread besides being low in calories has a very important advantage than being just a carbs source. It’s made from whole grain which is a great source of fiber, which regulates insulin inside the body and reduces bad cholesterol.

5) Olive Oil

Olive oil as for being considered as one hell of a good nonsaturated fat source comes as a number 1 choice fat source for gym freaks and it tastes good as well. It reduces bad cholesterol inside the blood and helps in the fat loss process inside the body.

6) Broccoli


Due to its various benefits and being rich in calcium, fiber, and being a testosterone booster, broccoli can never leave a fitness freaks’ kitchen or fridge. Apart from fitness society broccoli is also beneficial for normal people as it is also good for reducing cancer and good for any heart conditions.

7) Ginger


Although there is no scientific fact that states so, but the fitness community strongly believes that ginger has magical powers when it comes to weight loss and shredding. On the other hand, scientifically it was proven to be the best vitamin B source among all types of food that may contain it.

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