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Preworkout Supplements: Can It Get Bad?

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May 3, 2017
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May 7, 2017
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Cons of Being a Preworkout Drink Addict

Some studies state that every human must have their own kind of addiction in life. For instance, there is the alcoholic, the drug addict, the workaholic, and the womanizer “pardon me ladies” and a lot also are gymaholics. Inside this gymaholics category there are some cases of extreme addiction towards preworkout supplements that mostly ends with drug abuse. These preworkout supplements may be accompanied by some side effects and cons when being taken abusively.

First of all let’s have a quick idea about what’s meant by preworkout supplements.

Preworkout supplements are mainly energy drinks usually consumed for bodybuilding. As when you have been lifting weights for long periods of time, you start losing focus and energy since we don’t live inside our gyms and we have other natural lives outside that need focus. These supplements grant their user much more energy and power needed to reach your failure every time they walk into the gym.

Main ingredients in most of the preworkout supplements are

  • Caffeine which gives you energy and focus and reduces also the feeling of being exhausted.
  • Creatine which is used to increase strength and delivers fuel to muscles.
  • Beta alanine which protects the body against lactic acid and prevents cortisol release, resulting in more endurance and recovery.
  • Amino acids which build blocks for any muscle.
  • L-Arginine which turns into nitric oxide which allows more pump.

Let’s take a closer look on how dangerous preworkout supplements abuse can be and to what extent can it get bad.

1) Getting Used to It

Those who keep on training with the help of preworkout supplements, whenever they try to quit for some time and to cycle them off, they begin to feel that the workout is useless and they don’t feel any pump or any endorphins kicking in and have a strange feeling that they are forced to do something and are unhappy. Working out for some people is mainly like a therapy so they like to do it their way with the most perfect conditions surrounding them.

2) Insomnia


Because of being rich in caffeine, you shouldn’t ever take any kind of preworkout supplements before going to bed with at least 5-6 hours. Or else you will always suffer insomnia and sleeplessness and will lose that sleepy feeling as long as you are on it. Sometimes sleeplessness can lead to several negative consequences such as overtraining and cortisol release.

3) Can’t Live Without Them or Train Without Them


As we mentioned above that a lot of people don’t feel their workout successful or fruitful without the help of preworkout supplements. However some of them exceed that limit and they don’t train at all as long as they are out of their preworkout supplement and they believe it’s useless to work out without them.

4) Aggression in Some Cases


Caffeine and arginine are considered to be stimulants; these stimulants when micronized and concentrated in high dosage can easily lead into slight aggression. That’s why it’s never wise to take your preworkout before you drive to the gym. It won’t be nice at all if you found yourself stuck in a traffic jam.

5) Racing Heart Beats


You may find yourself facing an increase in your usual heart beat frequency at the beginning. But it can be disturbing when you find yourself facing drum-like heart beats whenever you try to increase the dose or take it more than once per day.

6) Drug Test Failure

Some of these preworkout supplements may contain creatine. Creatine as a substance can be illegal or banned in some of the competitions. Also high caffeine, because of being considered as a stimulant, can result in the disqualification of the contestant. At some point consuming extra amount of coffee can lead to the failure of some drug tests; that is, it’s recommended in some sports never to exceed certain amount of cups of coffee.

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