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Diagnosed with the “Chicken Legs” Syndrome? Not Any More

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May 3, 2017
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May 3, 2017
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A lot of fitness pals suffer from this kind of syndrome. Lots of muscles above and lots of bones below. A lot of people suffer in getting rid of this syndrome but don’t have a clue on how to end this hilarious look rapidly and efficiently.

What Causes This Problem to Be That Common between Folks?

Usually lack of proper guiding. What happens is that when every guy starts hitting the gym they are first impressed by big arms and chest, wide backs, and stone shaped abs, but they keep telling themselves that hitting legs’ muscles is of no use as they are mainly hidden under the pants most of the time and also chicks love big muscular guys. So they skip leg day and give the priority to other muscles. That’s why we can find a lot of folks today who can’t match their lower body’s muscular development with that of their upper body.

So in case you are suffering from that problem or know someone who is willing to give it all to be symmetric and to be cured from being chicken legged, here are some important useful tips that will take you to a whole new level.

  • The Keyword Is…SQUATS!!


You want to have tree like legs? Only squats will fulfill your dream not any other exercise. You can always see how big power lifters’ legs are. Forget about running. Extensions machines are some things to be done beside squats but for a big fully rounded leg muscle, there are no substitutes for heavy squats. That’s the basic tip when it comes to growing your legs.

  • Forget about Short Range Movements


“Ass to the grass,” that is, only deep squats will work on every fiber in your legs and give it more chance to grow up. For those who are deceiving themselves by putting lots of weight on the squat rack and trying to convince themselves that they are doing it nice and easy but in fact they are not even moving the joint. Wake up folks. Only deep squatting will do it for you.

  • Lower Your Cardio a Bit

Cardio is good. But too much cardio is not good at all. It makes your body go into a catabolic state and start to lose muscles. People always believe in the myth that cardio as in cycling and jogging is the ultimate solution for lagging leg muscles as you keep working them all over the cardio duration. Well that’s awfully incorrect. Excess cardio unfortunately can get you to lose your gains easily even those in your legs.

  • Stop Being a Night Owl

Stop being that person who finishes his or her workout at night and stay late up to midnight. Growth hormone is only released while sleeping at night. So give yourself the chance to gain more muscle and lose more fats. Improper sleeping will put you through cortisol release, a hormone that breaks down muscles and increases fat storage in your body. So you do the math smarty.

  • Focus on Functional Exercises for Your Heavy Sets


Functioning exercises and compound movements were scientifically proven to let the human body produce more testosterone which is mainly responsible for the muscular growth and causes muscle fibers to increase in size and also in strength, and, by increasing strength, you will be able to lift more weights which will cause extreme muscle hypertrophy and end with better results.

  • Bulking Means Eating


You are now on the beast mode. You want to add some beef to your legs. You can’t do so while you on a calorie-deficit diet. Don’t cut your calories. Muscle building is a process. And it needs to be fueled. So you need every single calorie you eat. So always remember, eat big get big. Otherwise you will remain the same, and it has nothing to do with supplementation. First you got to eat properly then think about proper supplementation.

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