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Go Heavy or Go Home

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May 3, 2017
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Reasons Why You Should Start Considering Lifting Heavy

We see a lot of people who hit the gym daily. Some go for cardio, some go for machines, and some go for raw iron. Some go for all of these. The majority of them when it comes to iron go for light weights for reducing the risk of injuries but in a dark corner in the gym. You can hear plates crumbling. Chalk clouds in the air. And there you can see heavy lifters under the spot light. They are always a minority at the gym. But you can spot each one of them from any crowd.

Here is why you should go heavy every now and then.

1) Fat Loss


A lot of folks still think the old way, in which “if you want to lose weight you have to do lots of high volume and lots of reps and sets which will make you lose more fats, and you should stay away from heavy weights it will make you stay fat.” Well my friends that’s totally false, heavy lifting also needs a lot of energy and it consumes lots of calories to be done. So don’t worry lift heavy and you will still shred some fats.

2) Bone Density

The human body is one hell of a very strong economic organization where it ditches whatever it finds useless and preserves and develops what it needs the most. That’s why people who lift heavy you see how dense their bone structure becomes and after they stop lifting for a while you see how less dense their bone structure becomes compared to when they were lifting. That’s because your bones also need to keep up with the heavy weight they are dealing with.

3) Big Muscles


Bodybuilders may be big but not powerful, but you can never ever find a power lifter or a weight lifter who lifts heavy and not big. That is, strength leads to big muscles but not vice versa. Because when you lift heavy your body utilizes more muscle tissues to make the muscle able to lift. So the more tissues you utilize in the muscle, the bigger the muscle becomes. Not to mention the strength of the blood pump inside the muscle.

4) Building Strength


As mentioned above, the idea of strength is that when you lift heavy the amount of muscular tissues utilized in the lift is way too much more than going for high reps and partially lighter weights. Utilizing more tissues and working them out every now and then are what builds power. It makes you even stronger in repetitions because what you firstly could bench press for 10 reps max is now what you can bench press for 15 reps.

5) Belly Fat


The type or location for fats that bothers men and women both the most is the belly fat. The thing is first whenever you go heavy you begin automatically contracting your abdominal muscle to assist and support you in the lift itself. Second lifting heavy promotes growth hormone (GH) release inside the body. One of the main properties of GH is the shrinkage of fatty tissues specially that of the belly. So now you have more than one reason to lift heavy and get lean.

6) On the Contrary, Preventing Injuries If Done Properly

There are a lot who assume that lifting heavy should automatically destroy joints and cause a lot of injuries. The fact is heavy lifting may cause a lot of injuries indeed in case done randomly without good recovery and good nutrition plan. It’s a whole package you can’t only lift heavy while you are not sleeping enough or eating wrong. By doing the whole package in the right way you will have strong muscles that are not easy to be injured.

7) Organs Improvement


Heavy lifting as mentioned above works on improving the blood pump to the muscles, which by time leads to the improvement in your circulatory system in general, where all the body organs get their sufficient amount of blood supply carried with oxygen and nutrients. That makes them improve by time and work more efficiently than they used to before lifting.

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