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Important Tips for Bulking

Muscle Injuries Aren’t the End of the World
May 3, 2017

Your Guide for Fast Muscle Gains with No Scam

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Your Guide for Fast Muscle Gains with No Scam

For sure you still remember your early days at the gym and how impressed you were when you saw these big men walking around the gym with their buff arms and muscles hanging out from their shirts and decided to look like them. And how you went for some people to ask for help but when you tried their way and it was useless. Here’s the thing some people don’t want to reveal their secrets whatsoever for fear of competence and decide to give wrong info. Others speak frankly about what they do but whatever they are doing isn’t working great with you or might not be compatible with you.

First of all let’s get to know some of the simple science of the muscle building process.




The process begins with the muscle stimulation in other words the training itself. This is what causes the muscle “trauma.” It is the breakdown of the muscle tissue. This forces the muscle to rebuild bigger and stronger muscle tissues under the correct circumstances. The trauma releases satellite cells which rush to the damaged muscle tissues caused by training and start to repair and rebuild these tissues.

One of the key factors for muscle growth and recreation is the Growth Hormone (GH). It is one of the most important hormones in the whole process of bodybuilding. Amount of GH levels which is released into the blood stream during and after exercise is directly proportional with the workout intensity. This triggers fat loss or energy use and also increases the absorption of proteins, which are used for the construction of muscle.


Second, here are some useful and important tips for bulking up and seeing gains as fast as possible.

As for Training

  • Use Compound Moves


That is, the moves that involve more than one joint, for instance, the bench press instead of dumbbell flies and squats instead of leg extensions. These moves were scientifically proven to increase your hormonal flow inside your body and result in better gains than those of isolation routines.

  • Rest Enough

Resting is way more important than the workout itself. You only get bigger when you rest in your days off from training or sessions. Because of your growth hormone don’t ever expect to apply the concept of “the more, the better” at the gym and it would work fine, not only will it cause you to stop gaining muscles, but also it will result in the loss of your muscles.

  • Cardio to the Minimum

Cardio burns calories. Calories are very essential for the muscle building process; without them you won’t grow a muscle. So you need to keep your cardio to the minimum: 2 days per week maximum not more not less. Cardio will help you to eat more and help your circulatory system to pump more blood in the muscles causing better pump.

  • Sufficient Water


2/3 of the muscle is carbs and water and only one-third is amino acids. So you need to keep hydrated all the time. Plus water will keep your body always flushed from toxins and will make it easier to deliver nutrients throughout your whole body.

  • High Intense Training

Keep yourself focused on high intensity training rather that the high volume ones. Heavy lifting is what makes you bigger and stronger. So if you want to grow bigger, you have to lift heavy. Heavy lifting is responsible for utilizing more muscle fibers to work, boosts hormones, and also gives you a better pump.

As for Nutrition

  • High Protein


Increasing your protein levels will help you in the process of building more muscle fibers inside your body. As mentioned previously amino acids that come from protein are the building blocks of the muscle inside the body, so if you want to build more muscles, increase your protein intake.


  • High Carbs

Carbs will convert into glycogen and help the muscle grow dense and full and will help a lot in gaining the calories you need to get bigger also and in your energy levels as well, as mentioned before 2/3 of the muscle mainly consists of carbs and water.

  • Low Fats

Being allowed to eat lots of calories doesn’t mean you are allowed to eat saturated fats and junk food. It will cause you to get fat instead of building real muscle fibers and will cause you to suffer in the cutting phase. You should work on getting the calories that you need from low or nonfatty sources to make sure you don’t pack pounds of useless fats with you.

  • Creatine


Creatine supplementation will help a lot through your bulking process. It will cause you to grow stronger and lift heavier. That means it will cause you to get bigger; also it volumes the muscle through retaining water inside the muscle causing it to grow. Just make sure you cycle it off for 3 or 4 weeks after cycling it one month.

  • BCAAs

BCAAs are very essential whether in your bulking or cutting phase. It is responsible for the recovery of the muscle and these are the amino acids your body needs for building muscle tissues and fibers. So make sure you get your BCAA supplementation for as long as possible to maintain your muscles and to add more of them too.

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